Property Check Request

This is a form used to request a check of your property while you are out of town. As a
service to the home owner, we will check your house on a regular basis to make sure there are
no emergencies while you are gone. We can do this anywhere from a couple of days to an entire
winter. Just fill out this form and drop it off at the Police Department.
Welcome to our forms page. Below you will find forms that can be printed off. For
security reasons, you will only be able to open them and print them. You can then
drop the form off at the Police Department. These forms were created in PDF
format. In order to open them, you will have to have Adobe Reader
Business Notification Sheet

This is a form for business owners in Thomaston to fill out. It will provide us important
information for emergency contacts if we find a problem with your business late at night.
This information will also be passed on to our dispatch, fire department, and ambulance