ANIMAL WELFARE PROGRAM, 28 SHS, AUGUSTA, MAINE 04333-0028(207)287-3846
Thomaston Police Department
Animal Control Officer
178 Main Street
Thomaston, Maine 04861

Below I've provided a link to lost or missing pets. This site will also allow you
to attach pictures of your pets to assist in locating them. Please remember to
contact the ACO and the local shelter, as well as using this site.
Links for Wild Animals
If you find an injured animal:

All wild animals are potentially dangerous. Should you decide
to approach, use caution and wear heavy leather gloves.

Remember: all mammals can carry rabies. If you suspect the
animal is rabid, call your town's animal control officer for

Keep injured animals in warm, dark, quiet places, away from
humans or pets.

Immediately contact the Center for Wildlife (207-361-1400),
your local animal control officer 593-9132, or the game warden
for help.
65 Dexter Street Extension
Thomaston, ME 04861
(207) 594-2200